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The Rich Wife.

Naseem &Shreya were married for the past many days.It was Naseems birthday and Shreya had reached Naseems office with a huge cake to give him a surprise.She walked to Naseems room and without knocking she opened the door and found Naseem and Tina in an uncomfortable position Tina was Naseem secretary. Naseem.loved Tina because sheContinue reading “The Rich Wife.”

The Horrible Night.

Every one looks forward for a peaceful night after a hard day’s work The night is the only hour when we are to ourselves away from the maddening.crowd . Abha and Vikram were happily.married couples with two intelligent sons.They all lived with Vikrams parents.so it was a overly joint family.Both Abha and Vikram worked inContinue reading “The Horrible Night.”

My Hard EarnedMoney

Rupa was a smart working married lady.Her husband Ravi was also working in a company.They lived in a joined family with Ravis parents.Both Rupa &Ravi worked in different companies but they had common friends So every weekend they used to have late night parties. When.the guests had left they would tidy up the things together.RupaContinue reading “My Hard EarnedMoney”

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