The Horrible Night.

Every one looks forward for a peaceful night after a hard day’s work The night is the only hour when we are to ourselves away from the maddening.crowd .

Abha and Vikram were happily.married couples with two intelligent sons.They all lived with Vikrams it was a overly joint family.Both Abha and Vikram worked in office so the sons were brought up by the parents

Vikram was a very caring and a loving husband but he had one bad habit he used to drink alot.When he was drunk he was a changed man more like a beast.

So every night Abha had this feeling of insecurity Vikram used to drink so much that he didn’t know what he was doing or speaking

One night both Abha and Vikram had to go for dinner since their Sins had their exams they did not accompany their parents While Abha and Vikram was returning from the party Vikram was so drunk that he tried to throw Abha out of his running car but Abha was sitting alertly when Abha tried to ask Vikram the reason for his action he gave her a tight slap on the face.

Abha was shocked she had never imagined Vikram behavior.She just prayed to God that they reach home.Vikram banged the car to a wall and did not know how to come out.

Few boys tried to help them They got Abha out but when they tried to get Vikram out he said the did not want anybody help so the boys left

Abha ran after the boys and told get Vikram out with the help of the boys Vikramcame out .Abha got an auto they sat in the auto and reached home Because it was late in the night Abha ring up her brother to show the car to a mechanic.The brotheragteedwhen they’re ached home their parentsp were worried about Abha and Vikram

Abha went inside and td Vikramsmotner every thing .The next day both the plenty scoldedVikram.Abha also warned.Vikram that if he does not change for good he will have to look accommodation some where else.From that day onwards Vikram takes drinks very rarely.


Published by Prashikta Tiwari

I love writing short stories on relationships.They csn be between a couple between parents between friends mother in law daighter in law.

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