The Rich Wife.

Naseem &Shreya were married for the past many days.It was Naseems birthday and Shreya had reached Naseems office with a huge cake to give him a surprise.She walked to Naseems room and without knocking she opened the door and found Naseem and Tina in an uncomfortable position Tina was Naseem secretary. Naseem.loved Tina because she was smart and young .Where as Tina was after his money.Always asking for expensive gifts from Naseem.

Tina walked out of Naseems room and on the way asked Shreya about her ring.Shreya was very upset .to see Tina and Naseem together Naseem told Shreya that she was old and wasn’t attractive now.He was in a position he wanted a smart wife.

Shreya told Naseem to remember those days when he did not have work and money he used to wake up till late nights. IT was Shry who stayed awake with him and gave him financial help.when.he did not have anything.

Naseem had forgotten every thing and told Shreya to leave the house with her bag and baggage. Shreya left the room and even the house.Here Naseem.and Tina were partying every night.As a result all the money of Naseem was finished.The moment Tina came to.know this she left Naseem forever.

Naseem.started missing day they met each other in.the market.Naseem.told Shreya every thing and wanted to start his life with her again.Shreya had her own business.Shreya refused to comeback to Naseem.She drove her car and went away.

Published by Prashikta Tiwari

I love writing short stories on relationships.They csn be between a couple between parents between friends mother in law daighter in law.

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